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12 August, 2013 — Blogging

My WP Daily Post Live On

WP Engine’s new Torque Mag has successfully taken over WP Daily’s archives for an undisclosed sum. All the posts from WP Daily now resolve in an archive form on the Torque website.

You can read more about the Torque take over here on the 8BIT blog. And find all of my posts from WP Daily here.

9 August, 2013 — Blogging, Reviews

Free Stock Images for your blog!

A few months ago I published a post about how to find free stock images for your blog or website. You can find that here. However I have just come across a website that has some stunning imagery on it – and best of all its free!

Tell Me Who!

Pixabay is a user generated free stock image website. At the time of writing this post, the website stats say it has a huge 93,683 images in there library all free to download and can be used freely in digital and printed format, for personal and commercial use. Attribution to the original author is also not required. All you need to do is create an account and you can begin downloading right away.

The website does have adverts on until you upload at least 10 images into the library. Once you have done that all adverts disappear. I know what you might be thinking – user uploaded photos.. they must be very poor quality. Well this is where you are wrong. Yes there are some rubbish images however a very high percentage are amazing quality as they have a review process for every image uploaded. Images are available to download in multiple sizes.

Pixabay is available in 20 languages making it accessible to people around the world, meaning they can build a bigger and bigger repository.

Is There A WordPress Plugin?

Pixabay has a WordPress plugin that you can install to add images with one click – you can read more about this plugin on there blog.

Features include:

  • Search Pixabay’s public domain pictures via the “Add Media” button inside your post editor, or find it attached as new tab to WordPress’ new Media Manager.
  • Filter search results by image type (clipart, photo) and/or orientation (landscape, portrait).
  • Preview images in paginated search results.
  • Direct image uploads to WordPress’ media library.
  • Use of standard media dialogues for editing and inserting images.

Once you install and activate the free plugin, you’ll have access to 90,000+ quality images.

9 August, 2013 — Blogging, Reviews

Introducing Debitoor – Free Invoicing & Accounting Software

I know how annoying accounting may be for some people, other’s like me might love it! However whether you love it or hate it, it needs to be simple. Before switching to Debitoor I was using FreeAgent – FreeAgent wasn’t bad, but it was over complicated for my needs and most of all it was costing me £15 a month to do the odd bit of invoicing here and there. This was when I started looking around. First I found something called Wave Accounting – Wave is 100% free like Debitoor however they have adverts. Something I don’t mind, but again it started to get complicated for no reason… then finally I stumbled across Debitoor.

What is Debitoor?

Debitoor is a 100% free invoicing and accounting application which helps freelancers and small businesses produce easy and professional invoices.

The company was launched in April 2012 by the international online accounting software company e-conomic. Realising that the self-employed people need less functionality and even easier-to-use interfaces.

The application is available in seven languages and localised to over 40 countries around the world.

Really? 100% Free?

Really its 100% free for basic invoicing and accounting functionality. They do offer a Premium service at a reasonable €5 /month which includes; Quotes, Reminders (Scheduled Invoices) & Document Handling. So you can upload all your receipts into one secure environment.

What Do I Think?

I like Debitoor a lot and I use it more and more now. I like the way its clean and simple. They even have a user feedback form where users can request features to be included in later version of Debitoor.

Why don’t you give Debitoor a go? It’s free after all! I would be keen to hear your comments and experience with Debitoor in the comments below.

1 August, 2013 — Blogging

Top 10 Blog Articles – July 2013

This website is a personal project of mine – with set goals on teaching myself, not always the easy way how to successfully set-up, run and grow a blog on the internet.

This blog has been around for approximately 3 months now and so far the traffic is going the right direction month by month. However one fact I have seen from my stats is that in those 3 months a large 86.5% of people are new unique visitors. While there is nothing wrong with that, my ultimate aim is to build traffic and build a group of returning visitors. People who check my blog once, twice or maybe more in a month to build an active community of visitors commenting.

This is why I have decided to bring a month by month list of what are my top blog articles from blogs all over the internet for you to checkout. Starting off with the month just gone July.

July 2013’s Top 10 Blog Articles

  1. WPMUorg – State of the Word: WordPress 3.7 and 3.8 Out Soon
  2. Chris Lema – How to choose a WooCommerce consultant
  3. ManageWP – How I Created an Authority Site From the Ground Up [Part 1]
  4. The Next Web – IE9 falls below 10% market share
  5. 8BIT – Introducing Required
  6. Net Tuts+ – Developing Google Chrome Extensions
  7. WP Tuts+ – How to Customize Your WordPress Theme With a Child Theme
  8. Pressgram – Success! Now, We Wait…
  9. 8BIT – WP Daily: In Good Hands
  10. Torque – Torque and The WP Daily Archives

Questions? Comments? Type them below!

31 May, 2013 — Blogging, WordPress

Brute Force Attack – The Result

Email Account

I’m sure you may well know, unless you’ve been living under a rock recently? There has been a large botnet attacking WordPress websites all around the world in the way of a Brute Force Attack.

Last weekend my email account went mad, with emails from the plugin Limit Login Attempts about 3-5 emails every minuet, for 48 hours. Unfortunately I was away from home with practically no internet access so was unable to try to stop the attack. From the emails they were targeting 3 different usernames admin, administrator and support. I was pretty sure my server would hold out while the attack was happening and it did. The attack stopped late Sunday night.

My Incoming Emails

My Incoming Emails

When I got home, I opened up my email client and the emails began to download… all 29,861 of them, I guess thats the only downside of Limit Login Attempts… but at least it raised my attention to something that could have been a lot worse.

29 May, 2013 — Blogging, Tech

Ghost Fully Funded!

Ghost is a blogging platform that was foundered by John O’Nolan to add a bit of a mix-up to the blogging world with its simple and to-the-point solution and an attempt to rival other blogging platforms.

Yesterday Ghost successfully raised well beyond there goal of £25,000, pulling in a staggering £196,362 from there Kickstarter project by the end of the 30 day campaign.



Now the wait will begin to see what the product will become and how it will stack up against competitors. They have 5,236 hungry backers who cant wait to get there hands on the first release of Ghost!

This Tweet was posted by Ghost not long after the project ended.

We are all very excited to see what Ghost will bring and to see if it really is a major competitor for the likes of WordPress and Tumblr.

Did you back the project? I did! Let me know in the comments!