10 May, 2013 — Life

My First Published Content

3 days ago I suddenly had the urge to want to blog on bigger websites where I could hit a larger audience and at the same time start to build some credit for my work. I wanted to achieve this for a few reasons. One was to hear people’s reactions and opinions on my posts. One of what I think is the key motivation tool you can have to be more creative and write more. Two is to test myself to see if I was good enough to enter the playground with the big boys! And become that known name of a community. You know the one, everyone has someone online who they follow. Weather it be a blog or just a social network account.

You can find my first ever blog post here on WP Daily. I thought I would share my Top 10 WordPress Snippets for my first post.

The response I got was almost immediate, people started commenting, asking questions and even sharing their own opinions on my snippets.

This has got me wanting to write more and more. Then yesterday I received an email from John Saddington, one of the founders over at WP Daily. He wanted to thank me for my post as he knew it was my first time blogging to a large audience, he wanted to encourage me to keep going and not to stop there. So watch this space for everything WordPress and everything in between!

Photo Credit: matryosha