8 May, 2014 — Development, Snippets, WordPress

Scheduled Content WordPress Plugin

Scheduled Content Plugin for WordPress is a plugin for easily scheduling content to be shown or hidden on set dates down to the hour and minute.

I first released this plugin over a year ago now; branded to an old company of mine, however with the recent update I have added some new features; as well as cleaned up the code. You will also see I have re-branded it to That Blogger.


It’s a simple plugin, but here’s what’s on offer:

  • Allows shortcodes in the content
  • Schedule show date
  • Schedule show date  inc time
  • Schedule expiry date
  • Schedule expiry date inc time


Here is a quick example of how to use the plugin. Just install and activate the plugin and wrap anything you want to schedule in a [schedule] tag.

[schedule on='2014-12-01' at="10:01" expon='2014-12-01' expat="13:15"] the content you want to hide here [/schedule]

You can install it from the plugin’s page of your WordPress dashboard or get more information and download the plugin from the official Scheduled Content page.