12 July, 2013 โ€” Life โ€”

Scuba Diving Adventure

For people who don’t know, I am into scuba diving in quite a big way. So much so a few weeks ago I decided it was time for a change. A big step in the diving adventure is the adventure into a pro diver. After researching around the internet and finding 2 countriesย that fell into my budget I forced myself to pick one of the 2 countries.

After looking around the internet for other people who had done the same. I just couldn’t find anything with the information about what it was like to actually do a divemaster course abroad. So this is where I thought – well if no one else has done it, I will.

That was when Dive Adventures was born. This blog is where I will be documenting my course from start to finish. Planning, travelling, doing the course, and after the course. Obviously while I am away this blog will not be getting much attention so why not follow me on my adventure across at Dive Adventures until I return!

By the way! I am not going for another month yet! I will still be posting until then – when I finally go I will make sure to put a post on here to make sure you all know.

Keep Blogging!