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5 September, 2013 — Blogging, Development, Tech, WordPress

Pressgram Hits the App Store!

John Saddington a former founder of 8BIT has a little project he started over at Kickstarter. Pressgram v1.0Pressgram is an Instagram like application that will allow its users to take photos using there iOS device, add filters and publish them right to a WordPress website all while drinking a cup of coffee! While some people might think whats the point – I may as well just use Instagram? Well a few months ago now Instagram was purchased by Facebook and not long after that decided it would change its Terms of Service to allow itself to effectively sell your photos for profit without your permission and without paying you a penny. To sum all of that up in one sentence… Instagram owns your photos from the moment they hit there servers! This was when John decided this wasn’t right – photos uploaded should remain the property of the user who took and uploaded the photo. Allowing full creative control to that user. This was when Pressgram

22 August, 2013 — Blogging, Development, Tech

First WPDaily, Now 8BIT Closes Its Doors

Yet another surprise from 8BIT! After announcing the closure and sale of WP Daily a few months ago. 8BIT has now announced via its blog that it will be closing its doors for good.

In a blog post by John Saddington, John stated:

There’s a lot that I could say but it’s best if I keep it short and sweet – everything is in a great place relationally and life has changed the pace and direction for all of the partners.

As a result, we decided collectively and equally that it was time to go our separate ways. There’s no hidden agendas, no hard feelings, and certainly no conspiracy. As I mentioned before, besides death and taxes, change is guaranteed.

The 8BIT Support Forums will be open for another 30 days however once this is up the company will no longer offer support for their products – and most importantly their Standard Theme. Many questions are still out there – What will happen to the founders of 8BIT? We know one thing for sure, John Saddington has his eyes on the upcoming release of Pressgram. What will happen to Standard Theme? Will it just disappear down a hole? Who knows.

8BIT suggested looking at these two companies for new themes:

  1. WooThemes
  2. StudioPress

One thing is for sure, the closer of 8BIT and WP Daily was short and sweet, no gimmics and no looking back. I wish the guys over at 8BIT every success in the future.

What do you think about the sudden closure?

1 August, 2013 — Blogging

Top 10 Blog Articles – July 2013

This website is a personal project of mine – with set goals on teaching myself, not always the easy way how to successfully set-up, run and grow a blog on the internet.

This blog has been around for approximately 3 months now and so far the traffic is going the right direction month by month. However one fact I have seen from my stats is that in those 3 months a large 86.5% of people are new unique visitors. While there is nothing wrong with that, my ultimate aim is to build traffic and build a group of returning visitors. People who check my blog once, twice or maybe more in a month to build an active community of visitors commenting.

This is why I have decided to bring a month by month list of what are my top blog articles from blogs all over the internet for you to checkout. Starting off with the month just gone July.

July 2013’s Top 10 Blog Articles

  1. WPMUorg – State of the Word: WordPress 3.7 and 3.8 Out Soon
  2. Chris Lema – How to choose a WooCommerce consultant
  3. ManageWP – How I Created an Authority Site From the Ground Up [Part 1]
  4. The Next Web – IE9 falls below 10% market share
  5. 8BIT – Introducing Required
  6. Net Tuts+ – Developing Google Chrome Extensions
  7. WP Tuts+ – How to Customize Your WordPress Theme With a Child Theme
  8. Pressgram – Success! Now, We Wait…
  9. 8BIT – WP Daily: In Good Hands
  10. Torque – Torque and The WP Daily Archives

Questions? Comments? Type them below!