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5 May, 2013 โ€” Development, Tech โ€”

Google AdSense – Unable to login

Recently I have been looking into Google AdSense. I signed up for an account many years ago but never used it. Now I have come to look into it a bit more, I find myself unable to login and stuck in what appears to be a “login loop”. Every time I put my email and password in Google just reloads the login page again and I am still unable to login.

After searching around on the internet for this issue I found a few posts about this from back in 2009 time.

After going through and trying everything that has been said in those posts nothing has worked!

What I have tried to date

  1. Cleared browser Cache & History
  2. Using different browsers (Chrome, Safari and Firefox)
  3. Use different login domains ( and (
  4. Changing Google Account password (according to the forums)

This problem is really starting to drive me nuts!

If anyone has a fix or know what could be causing this please comment below and I will addย it to this post for other people suffering from the same problem.

Update 1

Doing some more research today I found a post with a form to submit to Google if you are having trouble loggin into your account.
It does say it may take up-to 24 – 48 hours for them to reply. I will update once I hear from Google.

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