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27 May, 2014 — Development

Font Awesome Releases Version 4.1

Font Awesome 4.1

Font Awesome 4.1

Font Awesome 4.1, was released last week, adding 71 new icons, including one for WordPress, Reddit, CodePen, Drupal, Joomla, Spotify, and others.

Font Awesome was originally designed for use with Bootstrap, which helped it to become popular, but was soon widely used outside of Bootstrap-based projects.

Now that a WordPress icon is included, the font will become even more useful for developers writing plugins and themes that make use of the icons. Some WordPress users have even requested WordPress post format icons to be added to a future release. This could potentially be very useful for theme developers but may not gain enough traction.

Font Awesome also comes with its own free CDN. The BootstrapCDN for Font Awesome, hosted by MaxCDN, is free for anyone to use. What are you waiting for update to 4.1 now!

5 November, 2013 — Development

Center a Block Element Without Knowing its Width

Centering an element may seem quite simple thinking that “text-align:center” will solve the problem. Or maybe set “width” and “margin: 0 auto”, but what happens when you need to center a block element with variable width?

W3C tells us that we can use “margin: 0 auto” to center tables so why shouldn’t we use display: table to center a fluid div:

#my-element {
  display: table;
  margin: 0 auto;

This can solve many problems and does a good job in some cases but you must be aware that “display: table” is not working when using our “beloved” Internet Explorer (IE5.5, IE 6, IE 7) so don’t count on this for main design elements (especially if this ruins your design).

I hope this was useful for you! If you have any comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to post them in the comments section.

Photo Credit: Zzpza

31 July, 2013 — Development

Bootstrap 3 – Release Candidate 1

For all you developers out there – you might want to head over to the new Bootstrap website. Where they have just realised Bootstrap 3 Release Candidate 1! There seems to be some significant changed to the new Bootstrap 3 these are outlined below.

New Domain

Bootstrap 3 see’s a new domain name. The old‎ has been removed and now replaced with an easier and simple domain

New UI

Looking through the Bootstrap 3 RC1 it would appear the there has been some major overhaul’s in the UI front – gone are the 3D drop shadow UI elements. Instead been replaced with a newer more modern flat UI with clean pastel colours.

In a blog post, posted by Bootstrap they said the following

With over ~1,600 commits, ~72,000 additions/deletions, and ~300 files changed, everything has changed. We’ve added features, removed features, and cleaned up a lot more. The v3 pull request on GitHub has all the details you’ll need for a complete list of changes and some helpful migration tips.

Download & Test

Why not head over to the new Bootstrap website and download RC1 and give it a go.