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29 May, 2013 — Blogging, Tech

Ghost Fully Funded!

Ghost is a blogging platform that was foundered by John O’Nolan to add a bit of a mix-up to the blogging world with its simple and to-the-point solution and an attempt to rival other blogging platforms.

Yesterday Ghost successfully raised well beyond there goal of £25,000, pulling in a staggering £196,362 from there Kickstarter project by the end of the 30 day campaign.



Now the wait will begin to see what the product will become and how it will stack up against competitors. They have 5,236 hungry backers who cant wait to get there hands on the first release of Ghost!

This Tweet was posted by Ghost not long after the project ended.

We are all very excited to see what Ghost will bring and to see if it really is a major competitor for the likes of WordPress and Tumblr.

Did you back the project? I did! Let me know in the comments!