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31 July, 2013 — Development

Bootstrap 3 – Release Candidate 1

For all you developers out there – you might want to head over to the new Bootstrap website. Where they have just realised Bootstrap 3 Release Candidate 1! There seems to be some significant changed to the new Bootstrap 3 these are outlined below.

New Domain

Bootstrap 3 see’s a new domain name. The old‎ has been removed and now replaced with an easier and simple domain

New UI

Looking through the Bootstrap 3 RC1 it would appear the there has been some major overhaul’s in the UI front – gone are the 3D drop shadow UI elements. Instead been replaced with a newer more modern flat UI with clean pastel colours.

In a blog post, posted by Bootstrap they said the following

With over ~1,600 commits, ~72,000 additions/deletions, and ~300 files changed, everything has changed. We’ve added features, removed features, and cleaned up a lot more. The v3 pull request on GitHub has all the details you’ll need for a complete list of changes and some helpful migration tips.

Download & Test

Why not head over to the new Bootstrap website and download RC1 and give it a go.