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9 August, 2013 — Blogging, Reviews

Free Stock Images for your blog!

A few months ago I published a post about how to find free stock images for your blog or website. You can find that here. However I have just come across a website that has some stunning imagery on it – and best of all its free!

Tell Me Who!

Pixabay is a user generated free stock image website. At the time of writing this post, the website stats say it has a huge 93,683 images in there library all free to download and can be used freely in digital and printed format, for personal and commercial use. Attribution to the original author is also not required. All you need to do is create an account and you can begin downloading right away.

The website does have adverts on until you upload at least 10 images into the library. Once you have done that all adverts disappear. I know what you might be thinking – user uploaded photos.. they must be very poor quality. Well this is where you are wrong. Yes there are some rubbish images however a very high percentage are amazing quality as they have a review process for every image uploaded. Images are available to download in multiple sizes.

Pixabay is available in 20 languages making it accessible to people around the world, meaning they can build a bigger and bigger repository.

Is There A WordPress Plugin?

Pixabay has a WordPress plugin that you can install to add images with one click – you can read more about this plugin on there blog.

Features include:

  • Search Pixabay’s public domain pictures via the “Add Media” button inside your post editor, or find it attached as new tab to WordPress’ new Media Manager.
  • Filter search results by image type (clipart, photo) and/or orientation (landscape, portrait).
  • Preview images in paginated search results.
  • Direct image uploads to WordPress’ media library.
  • Use of standard media dialogues for editing and inserting images.

Once you install and activate the free plugin, you’ll have access to 90,000+ quality images.

Big Brother
16 May, 2013 — Blogging, Tech

Finding Photos For Your Blog

Finding photos for your blog or website can be hard, where do you look and how do you find images that you can use without breaching copyright? Well, many other people have the same problem when they are running a website. I am going to share with you how I find my images for this blog and how to avoid breaching copyright.

Where to find FREE images

If you have been on the internet for some time you might have herd the term “Creative Commons” been used before. However lots of people don’t know what Creative Commons actually is.

Creative Commons is a type of license that people license their content under, for use by others. There are different types of licenses that fall under the Creative Commons umbrella. You can find out more about those here.

So I hear you ask, where can I find Creative Commons – licensed content?

One word to answer that… Flickr

CC Flickr

CC Flickr

Flickr has an advanced search function that will allow you to search for only images that fall within the Creative Commons-licensed content.

You can then choose how you are going to use the images. For websites and blogs you need to make sure you tick “Find content to use commercially”. However if you are looking to edit the photos you are downloading and we’re not talking about cropping here. I mean editing colours, putting people in or taking people out of photos you need to tick “Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon”.

Larger website or blog?

Once you have achieved a larger audience and have started to make money out of your website you might want to start and look for stock images. Sometimes you just can’t find the photo you are looking for under the Creative Commons license. This is where you are going to have to dip into the money pot slightly and purchase stock photography.

Below are a list of Stock Photography websites you might want to take a look at for when you’re really in need.

Don’t use Google!

People think a quick and easy way to find images online is by hitting Google Images and taking a photo off there. However that isn’t the case as you may well find the images on Google are copyright to someone and use of those images (even though they came off Google) will breach copyright and you could find yourself in bother.

For example I am a photographer and my images appear in Google Search, but that doesn’t mean your automatically entitled to use those images because even though they are on Google the copyright still remains with me. Cutting it short if your not sure don’t use it.


There are lots of websites out there that offer images for commercial use for free. It can take some time to find the right image for you but its worth it as you don’t want people coming back to you and finding you have used an image you are not entitled to use. It not only looks bad but you could find yourself in deep water quickly. However most people will just ask that the image be removed and that will be the end of the story.

Photo Credit: Mike_fleming