WordPress Management Service

Did you know, WordPress powers 17.6% of the world’s websites? That number is growing every single day, however the bigger WordPress gets the more it becomes a target of hackers who are determined to find those security holes and take your website offline before you even know it.

This is where I am looking to help you! I have decided to offer a service to you where I will manage your WordPress website all for £9.99 per month!

I know what your thinking now… what will I get for £9.99 well here goes…

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What you get for £9.99 / month

  • Daily Offsite Backups of your WordPress website.
    Your backups are stored on Amazon S3 Storage, one of the most reliable and secure storage providers on the web. So even if your complete website gets deleted or your hosting company suddenly disappears (it does happen trust me) your website will still be safe.
  • Updates of WordPress, Themes, and Plugins.
    Updating WordPress Themes, Plugins and especially the core can be a nerve racking time… What if this update corrupts my blog? or What if I get the white screen of death?
    I know the feeling. Luckily, I will be the one who will update your WordPress website for you! So you don’t have to worry… I will test everything to make sure there is as little chance as possible of anything going wrong… but if something does the backup will be there to save the day. Your website will also be updated to the latest version the day of release. Not keeping your software up to date can pose a massive security risk so it’s good to keep up-to date!
  • Monthly Website Security Scan
    Each month your website will undergo a security scan to make sure you’re protected against the most well known security threats and is free from viruses and malware. This doesn’t make your website hack-proof, but you’ll definitely be better protected than the majority of other WordPress websites out there.
  • Monthly Website Optimisation
    Nothing is worse than slow site speeds. Not only is it annoying but it can have a dramatic effect on your Search Engine Optimisation! Once a month your website will have a spring clean! This includes cleaning your database tables, optimising your database and disable and delete unnecessary plugins and themes. Your website will be on turbo power!
  • Uptime Monitor
    I will monitor your website every 5 minuets and notify you via email as soon as your website goes offline.
  • Monthly Reports
    At the end of each month you’ll get a monthly report of everything that has been done to your website. So you know you’re getting your money’s worth.


*Terms and Conditions Apply.

Once payment is received, you’ll get an email with some quick questions to get started.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.