Top 12 Dumpor Alternatives to Download Instagram Stories Anonymously

The website Dumpor is free to use. The most incredible Instagram stories viewer is private. Dumpor may be used to explore Instagram profiles, followers, and news items without disclosing any personal information. He is a very well-known Instagram stalker. It is acceptable to use dumpor.

You don’t need an Instagram account to view and download other users’ Instagram posts if you use Instagram. With Dumpor, you can safely and indefinitely download or watch Instagram photos or news videos. Instagram does need users to sign in but prevents access to some content if you don’t provide your location. Occasionally, users desire to access content without logging in while maintaining their anonymity.


1. Picuki

As a Dumpor substitute, Picuki also provides some functionality by enabling users to not only browse content but also update any content without actual login into the system. Without logging into your Instagram account, you may view trending Instagram posts, alter Instagram photographs, and explore them. If you’re a brand or company seeking top inspiration from well-liked Instagram accounts, it will also provide you with a list of popular profiles and tags to browse.

At the bottom of the Picuki landing page, you may access content linked to topics you can read about. Their Instagram story viewer, a quick and straightforward way to read and download stories anonymously, can be found at the top right of the page. Many individuals enjoy using the website because of its design, similar to Dumpor’s.


2. SnapInsta

SnapInsta, one of the most popular Instagram video downloaders outside of Dumpor, lets you anonymously download photos, videos, and stories from any Instagram account. Even Instagram reels are available for download. You don’t need to look for the Instagram profile first because the program supports all variations of Instagram images and video URLs, including IGTV. You can download the content directly to your smartphone by simply pasting the URL pointing to the Instagram story or other content.

It’s best to browse an IG story’s URL from a desktop computer because you can copy the link directly from the web address bar. You won’t be able to use SnapInsta to search for a particular Instagram account or view someone’s follower count because the primary function of this program is an Instagram downloader. Nevertheless, it’s an efficient downloader that will finish the task swiftly and, more significantly, for nothing.

3. 4K Stogram

In comparison to other Dumpor options, 4K Stogram is somewhat unique. Users can download this utility to their desktop as software. They can download Instagram stories, posts, and more once the app is open, even several Instagram posts with the original caption. Another advantage not provided by many other Dumpor options is the ability to search by hashtags and places, but it does have a cost.

Since 4K Stogram is a complex cloud-based application, you’ll need to purchase a license to use it and benefit from its features. It is an economical choice for individuals who want direct access right from the software, and the license you buy will be valid forever. The starting price is $15.

4. InstaStories

Because InstaStories makes it easy to find posts and tales, it’s an excellent substitute for Dumpor. The programme loads quickly and is simple to use. It is explicitly stated on InstaStories’ home page that you can use their tool while remaining utterly anonymous without creating an account. Since you can visit the website from any device, you can download IG stories and photographs right to your phone or computer.

You can also look through their FAQ if you want instructions on where to find and download the images or stories. Searching for an Instagram username will display the entire profile, including the bio, hashtags, stories, and publications. You’ll even be able to see how many followers and posts the individual has, offering a fantastic opportunity to examine profiles online without being identified.

5. Story Saver

Users who want to download Instagram stories should utilise Story Saver. The website is simple and doesn’t require you to form an account. To view, all of the stories shared by a person, search for their Instagram username and select the Download option. This programme does not allow you to download Instagram posts; you can only download content if the individual has current Instagram stories. Story Saver is instrumental if you wish to see an Instagram story anonymously and remain in complete stealth mode. If your primary concern is watching and downloading Instagram stories secretly, Story Saver is an excellent Dumpor substitute.

6. Instasaved

Because of its slick appearance and simplicity of usage, Instasaved is one of the most popular Dumpor alternatives. At the top of the webpage, you can see a variety of media, including:

  •  Narrative
  •  IGTV
  • Notables
  •  Recent postings
  • Photo
  • Profiling Image
  • Video

You may download it right there by searching for the user on the website’s home page. If you need assistance, a support website will walk you through quickly saving pictures and videos to any device without requiring you to sign in to an account or shell out money for the service. While you cannot search for tags or hashtags, you can quickly and easily browse any Instagram profile.

7. Storiesgrams

Storiesgrams is a leading programme that may assist you in browsing and downloading Instagram posts.
Any content on Instagram, including stories, posts, reels, and even IGTV, may be downloaded anonymously. For the same reason that Dumpor is free to use, you can access Storiesgrams without creating or logging into an account. Each post on the user’s Instagram profile includes a download option to quickly view the media on any device you choose. There are some adverts on Storiesgrams, but given how effectively their services function, this is relatively standard for every Instagram downloader and doesn’t pose a significant problem.

8. Instalkr

Use Instalkr to stalk Instagram users if you genuinely want to see their content but don’t want to use Dumpor. You may view all the stories and images that have recently been posted to an Instagram account with the fantastic software Instalkr. Although you can use it for free, you might want to upgrade to the premium version to get more advantages. Being able to utilise Instalkr directly from your phone with a fantastic UI that makes it simple to access the posts and stories you wish to save directly to your mobile device is another fantastic benefit of having it as an app.

9. Pixwox

Pixwox is undoubtedly a top choice for any Instagram user looking for a superb Dumpor substitute that allows you to see and download posts anonymously. Instagram posts, photographs, and videos will be available for free download and viewing. Even better, unlike some Instagram downloaders, it allows for either private or public access to the Instagram profile. By providing you with a list of well-known accounts on their webpage, Pixwox will additionally assist you in discovering various Instagram profiles, photos, and videos.

A search for an Instagram username is available directly from the Pixwox home page. Pixwox lets you see stories and an individual’s profile and secretly download photographs and videos. You can also research other social media accounts from the upper right corner. In addition to others, they support Twitter and Facebook. Pixwox is unquestionably a top Dumpor substitute.

10. InstaDp


Instead, which provides customers with numerous features they can use for free, it is another reputable tool comparable to Dumpor. Users can search by username to browse tagged posts and Instagram stories, discover hashtags and access the download feature for reels, photographs and videos, and even the highlights of Instagram tales.

Instead is about as close as possible to an Instagram downloading tool with a user-friendly UI. In addition to viewing an Instagram profile, you may view posts anonymously and download any photographs you like. The best feature significantly contributes to its popularity is the ability to store these messages and stories directly on your device.

11. Ingramer

A well-liked marketing tool for Instagram, Ingrammer (formerly called Inflact), provides a long list of capabilities, including an Instagram story viewer, an IG downloader, and much more. Many of these tools are free directly from their website and have a long history of success, so it stands out as one of the best alternatives to Dumpor. You can also use their Promo, Direct, or Posting services to obtain paid assistance with your Instagram account. Nevertheless, you do not need to spend anything to use their Instagram downloader, hashtag tool, and story reader. Their little robot on the home page is also rather adorable.

12. StoriesIG

Instagram story viewer Stories IG is quite popular and has a simple interface that works well. Because of their “simple and elegant” design, StoriesIG claims you may download and see their stories without installing anything. You’ll even have access to Instagram highlights viewer help, which is fantastic if you’ve previously had trouble downloading or accessing highlights. Tales IG is a dependable Dumpor substitute that can help you access the stories you’ve been attempting to read anonymously for whatever purpose.

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