5 Best PC Cases of 2022

There are several worthy causes to construct your PC casing. Custom builds to make it easy to update your computer over time, and you have complete control over making a case tailored to your needs. Gamers appreciate building systems that can maximize high-res graphics and bring their games to life.

A fun and valuable talent to have, too. You’re probably searching for the best PC cases available if you’re new to building or are looking for a case for your upcoming build. The type of motherboard you use will determine the case you choose. Still, it would be best to consider aspects like ventilation, design, size, and compatibility with other essential components like your graphic card, fans, and radiator.

Additionally, buyers should consider their budget, construction expertise level, and preferred color and style. Both novice and seasoned builders can benefit from our reviews of some of the top PC cases. These cases, from well-known manufacturers like NZXT, Corsair, and Lian Li, will provide you with solid performance and stunning excellent looks.

NZXT H710i

The NZXT H710i is among the most extraordinary PC cases because of its design and functionality. This transparent and contemporary case design is perfect if you’re searching for a PC case on display because it will surely garner admiration. With a variety of color choices, you may also alter the appearance. The style and layout are also functional because they give you lots of room to assemble your ideal setup.

There is a lot to admire about the case’s actual contents, as the H710i has given users as many alternatives as they might utilize to build their case. It is a development of the company’s H700i with vertical GPU support, a better cable management system, and an upgraded I/O panel. The NZXT comes with four Aer F120mm fans and radiator support and has a 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch HDD capacity.

Designing your case is made simple using NZXT’s CAM program, which allows you to control all of your setups. It’s an excellent pick for both novices and specialists. However, we’d still like to see more from the front fans.


  • Stunning design with a variety of color possibilities
  • Plenty of room
  • Several tools for construction


  • Pricey
  • Airflow could be made better.

Corsair Crystal Series 280X

Check out the Corsair Crystal Series 280X if you’re building a Micro ATX system. RGB lights, a feature of this chic, tempered glass box, are trendy among PC users and gamers. The dual-chamber internal design of the 280X allows for lots of space to be built despite its compact size, which makes it perfect for workstations or a home office and is also beneficial for cable management and SSDs.

Many people have remarked on how silent this item is when in operation, proving it is also quiet. Up to two 3.5″ drive bays, and three 2.5″ bays can be accommodated by the 280X. Two 120mm cooling fans are provided for cooling, and radiators may be mounted on the chassis’s front, top, and bottom.

Additionally, we draw attention to the practical dust filters, which are magnetic and straightforward to insert and remove but effectively keep your case clean. Although it is sold at a higher price than some of its rivals, the entertaining RGB feature and an excellent level of quality make it worthwhile.


  • A superior product that is simple to construct
  • Calm and small
  • The RGB lighting is present.


  • More expensive than its rivals
  • Tempered glass exhibits smudges and fingerprints.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

You might be considering the E-ATX form factor if your motherboard is larger. E-ATX typically supports bigger and more powerful builds, despite not being widely accepted. The Cooler Master Cosmos C700P is one of the top options for E-ATX. It provides a high-quality, functional case with lots of customizing choices. Customers can anticipate this case as huge and hefty because it is an E-ATX.

The size, however, might also work in your favor because it gives you lots of room for your build. It is simple to change the arrangement to a regular, chimney, inverted, or utterly unique one. The Diverse Liquid Cooling Support may be put on the top, front, or bottom of your case frame, and cables have various mounting options with the C700P.

Additionally, the use of flat radiator mounts makes maintenance simpler. There is only enough for three internal drives in the stock build, which might not be enough. If your budget permits, we predict the C700P will entice customers seeking a premium, pote


  • The ideal option for motherboards up to 12.3″ deep
  • A strong liquid cooling foundation
  • Several different layout choices


  • Expensive
  • Lack of customer service can occur.

Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic

The Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic is one of the best cases for the ATX form factor because of its low cost, gorgeous appearance, and generous space. The Dynamic is made to stand out because of its attractive black appearance and sizable panels of tempered glass that are placed to prevent drops and breaks. Slotted vents help with airflow throughout the case, but the entry model does not come with fans.

However, Dynamic does allow water cooling and has three mounting points for 120mm fans with filters. Additionally, there is room for a bottom-mounted PSU, up to two 3.5″ hard drives, a motherboard I/O area in the middle, and up to eight expansion cards. In addition, a dual rear chamber facilitates cable management.

You have many options with The Dynamic to build the perfect case. The trendy see-through style of this one, however, means that any cable or wire tangles will be entirely on display. Therefore we believe it is best suited for more seasoned builders.


  • Beautiful, simple design
  • Affordable
  • Water cooling assistance


  • Not including fans
  • A completely transparent design eliminates any chance of error.

Fractal Design Meshify C
When it comes to creating a PC, ventilation is crucial. If you’ve ever had to deal with the strain of an overheating tower, you know how critical it is. Regarding cooling, the Fractal Design Meshify C is among the best on the market and offers consumers a variety of settings to avoid overheating.

Up to seven fan positions, two already installed, are available for users. As the name suggests, black mesh panels are used in Meshify C’s design to increase airflow. Even though the mesh provides efficient cooling, considering its price point, it implies that this model can produce a little bit more noise.

There’s no need to tuck it under the desk because the design is timeless. To ensure that your cables are in the ideal spot, users have space for up to five drives, three radiator positions, and up to 27 tie-down points. Removing and cleaning the filters on the front, top, and base is also simple.

Because the glass panel is tinted, you should probably add brighter lighting if you want to display your interior. We suggest the Meshify C if cooling is one of your top priorities when making a purchase or if you’re looking for a good case around $100.


  • Good value
  • There is a lot of fan and cooling support.
  • Classical simplicity


  • It is difficult to see inside with a dark glass tint until you add brighter lights.
  • Some noise can escape thanks to the mesh design.

Final Words

Our top pick for the finest PC case overall is the NZXT H710i. Its ample design and customization options, ample workspace, and simple control options via NZXT’s software are things we enjoy. If you’re using a Micro ATX build, the Corsair Crystal Series 280X is another excellent option. It has a dual-chamber internal design, attractive tempered glass, built-in lighting, and a quiet operation.

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