SmiHub Review: Is SmiHub Completely Anonymous?

SmiHub is a service that provides users with a wide range of well-liked options for Instagram account research. You can examine Instagram profiles, watch videos, photos, reels, Instagram stories, and many other elements of Instagram profiles, such as followers, comments, and more, on the SmiHub website.

The fact that you can browse all of this Instagram material anonymously is fantastic. Additionally, you’ll be able to download stories and reels, images and video posts. People look for resources like these to get ideas for social media posts or to compile a collection of their favourite things for later reference. Since SmiHub launched in October 2018, many people who wish to see Instagram stories anonymously have found it to be the ideal answer. Users can even start saving content and posts for later use.

What Constitutes SmiHub’s Core Features?

SmiHub’s primary features include some of the following:

  • The viewer of anonymous Instagram profiles
  • Spy on Instagram stories.
  • Save Instagram images and videos.
  • Save Instagram images and videos.
  • Instagram live videos to watch
  • View Instagram’s pictures and videos
  • various language assistance
  • simple to navigate and use

How Can I Download Stories or Videos from Instagram Using SmiHub?

You must adhere to a few steps to download Instagram videos or someone else’s stories using it:

  • Visit its current website,, for more information.
  • Find the account you wish to study right now.
  • Press the download button after selecting the photo or video reels.
  • Your phone will instantly download it.

How Can I Obtain To The SmiHub Website?

You’ll need to use a web browser to access the SmiHub website. There isn’t a mobile application for the website yet. Once a web browser has been launched, enter the following URL into the address bar: Alternatively, you can go directly to SmiHub’s new URL right now.

Are SmiHub and Dumpor Distinct from Each Other?

SmiHub is currently known as Dumpor, despite the websites’ names being different. Both domains are functional, and they are the same.

However, you cannot read articles or review accounts on the SmiHub website; instead, you must go to The platform and name are the only changes to the otherwise unchanged website. You can still access everything, including stories, videos, comments, and more, and it’s still free.

SmiHub: Is It Free or Paid?

The good news is that using is entirely free, and there are no costs associated with using their services. For instance, you can click the download option to save video reels to watch later. All the videos will be reserved for your device so that you may watch them later.

Not only that, but you’ll have a better insight into how to produce high-quality content and acquire more followers with a solid Instagram strategy because you’ll be able to gain suggestions and share stories relevant to Instagram and social media news.

To reach your target market and release additional content to help you stand out on the platform, you can assess competitors and see their actions on their Instagram accounts. Again, SmiHub is free, so all you have to do to get started is go to the website. It’s the ideal alternative for analysing anonymous Instagram accounts because there isn’t any way to upgrade your service.

The Smihub application’s widespread use

A wide variety of programmes are accessible on the internet, but only a select few are often used. It is due to the original and enticing features of the application. The main factor in this app’s success is its appealing and colourful user interface, which makes accessing other Instagram accounts straightforward.

Technical expertise is not necessary to utilise this application. Anyone with a basic understanding of mobile and websites can use this programme. Compared to other mobile applications and websites, the app’s ease of use and popularity among users contribute to its rapid user growth. Unbeknownst to them, pals can use this amusing software to find their lovely hidden stories on their Instagram profiles. These are a few elements that influence the app’s popularity and website.

What Are SmiHub’s Users Saying?

To find out what they thought of the online service, we spoke with a range of SmiHub users. The fact that it was complimentary was one of its most well-liked qualities. Both popular features are viewing Instagram stories on any Instagram account and quickly downloading images and videos.

To save photographs and videos for later viewing, you’ll need a tool like SmiHub Instagram because the Instagram app makes it difficult to download content. The ability to search for a username and retrieve all the data associated with that account is another feature of SmiHub that users today greatly loved. They provide helpful features if you want to stalk someone’s profile for personal reasons or examine accounts for work or business purposes.

SmiHub: Is It Anonymous?

Yes! They cannot know who is viewing because you can read stories and browse social media accounts without logging in. One of the best features of SmiHub Instagram is that it lets you view public Instagram accounts or tagged posts anonymously without revealing your identity.

SmiHub’s significant features include anonymous viewing and downloading. We appreciate that you can use the site’s free services without creating an account. Additionally, SmiHub does not allow users to publish any content, including photos, so there will be no stories or images that eventually trace back to you, ensuring complete anonymity.

SmiHub: Is It Real?

SmiHub is authentic, yes. It will keep your access entirely anonymous because you may utilise it to download videos or even read an Instagram story without the users being aware. It doesn’t monitor your other social media activity or tracks your IP address. You won’t experience any problems utilising the SmiHub platform because your session isn’t associated with any specific account, and your personal information is safe.


What’s the most incredible Instagram viewer, SmiHub? Most people undoubtedly concur. Many various tools are available, especially between the two websites now available, SmiHub and Dumpor. You have more alternatives than ever before because you can go between two different websites to access SmiHub Instagram news, look for a user’s account, or use the Instagram story viewer. Even better, you may see both the SmiHub and the Dumpor websites and use their tools on either a desktop or a mobile device because they are 100 per cent authentic.

SmiHub/Dumpor is an easy and accessible option if you’re searching for a quick method to look at tagged posts, IG stories, download videos, or study Instagram accounts — and free is hard to come by on social media these days. The Instagram story viewer may be used without an account, so check it out right now to see if it’s the perfect tool for you.

FAQs About Smihub

Q1. Is Smihub Safe to Use?

Yes. SmiHub doesn’t ask for personal information from you and doesn’t even require an account. You may access the Instagram story viewer, download videos, and even read comments without checking in. Additionally, as the programme is free to use, your bank information and personal details won’t be compromised. With SmiHub, nothing can go wrong.

Q2. SmiHub and Dumpor, are they the same?

Yes. Both are identical and provide tools for looking at Instagram stories and analysing accounts. Both locations are still open; the name is the only thing that has changed. Like before, you can utilise their features without a username or create an account to benefit from their free Instagram story viewer. 

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