Hamraaz App Review: How To Signup,Login And Download Hamraaz Payslip

The Indian Army created the Hamraaz app internally. Knowing specifics regarding the Jawans’ jobs and promotions is helpful. The software enables Indian soldiers to view and download their Form 16 monthly pay stubs. Additionally, it has reduced the communication gap between the soldiers.

It also gives other staff, such as junior commissioned officers, quick information.
You cannot utilise this App if you are not in the military. The Indian Army’s developers connected the App’s operation after accurate Aadhaar details verification to protect all the data and usage of the Hamraaz app.

The same Aadhaar information can be checked, and it should be compared to the Army database via the cloud of the National Information Centre. An OTP will be send to the registered mobile number of Army soldiers. This means that to use the Indian Army Hamraaz app, a soldier must provide their most recent cell number linked to their Aadhaar number.

Hamraaz App Benefits

  • Armed forces personnel can send money to their loved ones and view the balance of their accounts via the Hamraaz app.
  • The Hamraaz App allows you to view job openings, promotions, pay, benefits, and firm number 16.
  • There are a lot of useful features on the Hamraaz App, including Monthly Pay Slips, Form 16, Online Governance Management Systems, AFPP Subscription Changes, Individual Specific Popup Messages, and much more.
  • The Indian Army may now check their pay stubs and account balances more easily thanks to this App.

Hamraaz Web Registration

You need a user ID, which you can obtain by joining Hamraaz App in order to access the Hamraaz App Web Portal or the Hamraaz app. A lot of you are attempting to figure out how to register for Hamraaz App. You can register for Hamraaz Web by doing the following.

  • The main website or gateway for Hamraaz is, where you should start.
  • The homepage of the website appears after this.
  • The homepage has a Personal Login button. It would help if you pressed this button.
  • Following this, a new page with a Sign-Up button will load. When you click this, a new page will load.
  • You must type your PAN Card Number in all capital letters on this page. Afterwards, input the captcha code and click “Submit.”
  • After that, the portal requests some details about your service. Your account will be activated once you have entered these details.

Features of the Hamra App

You already know that the App provides Indian military personnel access to a wide range of amenities and services. It’s time to learn more about these features right now.

  • Every Indian Army soldier can view their current earnings via the Hamraaz app.
  • It can assist Indian Army personnel with low salaries.
  • Learn more about Part II Orders.
  • If you like, you may lodge a complaint over the terms of service records.
  • Learn about service history and promotions.
  • An Indian Army soldier who wishes to relocate may make use of it.
  • You can request a change to your email address via the Hamraaz app.

Forget the Password for Hamraaz App

  • Visit the Hamraaz Official Website first.
  • The homepage has a Personal Login button. This button will open a new page for you.
  • A “Forget” button can be found here. That button must be clicked in order to open a new page.
  • You must now type your Captcha code and PAN card number in all capital letters.
  • The “Submit” button should now be clicked, and a new page will load.
  • Next, you must enter your new password and confirm it once more.

Next, select the “Change password” button. Your Hamraaz App password has been modified right now.

Hamraaz App download:

  • To learn more about the Hamraaz app, visit
  • Scroll down to discover the “Most Popular” area on the website.
  • When you locate the Hamraaz app, please select it.
  • A button to download the Hamraaz apk should now be visible. Click the button to learn more.
  • After selecting the OK button, wait until the App has been successfully downloaded.
  • Open the Settings menu and check the box for installing from Unknown Sources.
  • To complete the installation, click the Install button and then adhere to the on-screen directions.


Where can I find the most recent version?

Visit the official Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology website at The App’s 6.51 update is available on the website. Downloading this most recent version is advised.

1. The apk file may be downloaded by clicking the download icon.

2. Using a portable Android smartphone. The App requires Android 5.0 Lollipop or later as a minimum requirement.

3. After downloading the apk file, click on it in the downloads section.

4. Everything is now prepared, and you can install the App on your smartphone.

5. To download the Hamraaz app, scan a QR code.

6. The Hamraaz app has yet to be available for Windows or PC. The Hamraaz crew is devoted to it. You may access all the information by logging in to your Hamraaz app account or by opening an account through the web Hamraaz portal, found at The vast majority of Indian Army personnel try to download the hamraaz App from the play store. But the Play Store does not include this Hamraaz App. Therefore, you must access to download the most recent version of the Hamraaz Army App.

7. Register on the Hamraaz army app if you cannot download it or if the Hamraaz App needs to be fixed. Make sure the Aadhaar-seeded cellphone number is inserted after that. When you sign up, you must input an OTP, and the OTP may be sent to an Aadhaar Seeded Number.

How to Login to the Hamraaz App

The distinct section can save a record of the activities and resources available to Indian soldiers using the Hamraaz army app and Hamraaz web page app. The Hamraaz App enables communication among soldiers.

It also makes it possible to link timely information to non-commissioned officers and other employees. Using the Hamraaz Army App Payslip password, you can also download the Hamraaz Army payslip. A PAN Card number and password are required for the soldier’s Hamraaz app login in 2022.

Use an Android phone or the Hamraaz web portal at since the Windows and PC versions of the Hamraaz software are not yet accessible. Mobile users can download the Hamraaz app or visit the Hamraaz website to enjoy all the amenities and services.

hamraaz app

How do I access my payslip on the Hamraaz app?

An exceptional benefit has been provided for every soldier employed by the Indian Army in exchange for their monthly payments. You can access all of their Payslip details in the online method. Payslip may be used as a file by Indian soldiers. It includes all the pertinent data regarding the person’s monthly salary. Therefore, attempt downloading from the hamraaz website for all the information about the Indian Army salary slips.

The hardship of standing in line at an office or needing physical copies sent to you by mail is eliminated by our mobile application, which is designed for improved convenience and accessibility. You can only do it right now online.

Army soldiers can easily communicate with one another thanks to this App. It includes various practical features that make life easier and is only accessible to Indian staff in Hamraaz. The methods to retrieve your pay stub using the App are listed below.

1. You can get the Indian Army Salary Slip from our website or the Hamraaz mobile app.

2. Military personnel must register with their name and unique Social Security number to get started.

3. You can choose an eight-digit password that starts with the first four letters or numbers of your PAN card number and ends with the final four digits of your enrollment date.

4. The military staff is then asked to enter the specific captcha code. And then, select the submit option to finish the verification process.

5. With only a few clicks, you may get your pay stub using the Hamraaz login 2022.
You must enter an employee code there. Only the month and year of birth are necessary to obtain the payslip.

6. After that, select the Get Payslip option.

7. The screen displays all of the information pertaining to pay stubs.

8. You may subsequently access the report in PDF format. If necessary, you can print this document.

9. You have submitted your request for the Indian Army Pay Slip, and you can expect the file to be available in 24 hours.

Hamraaz App Customer Service Number

All our information is included, along with potential issues and solutions. However, you can also contact the Hamraaz app’s support staff if you still have issues. To receive assistance, you can phone them or email them. The table above includes directions on how to contact them. To see if you missed that hen, you can look here.

Telephone: 9560641424


The Indian government’s decision to do this looks wise because it will relieve the Indian Army of various concerns. They can check the most recent pay stubs and service information on their phones. Overall, it’s positive news for them. All Army officers need to do to use this App is download it from the official website. If the Hamraaz app prompts you to upgrade, links to the most recent versions are provided above. Keep in mind that there is no Hamraaz app for iOS devices.

The last word

To be informed about salary, posts, and leaves, and to download the Indian army payslip, use the Hamraaz Army App. You can download your pay stub in PDF format from this App for any month or year.


The content on this website is meant only for general information or educational purpose. The information on this website is derived from publicly available sources and this site cannot verify or confirm the genuineness, truth, veracity or authenticity of this information. This site does not own, modify or over write the app available on this page. Its official writes and credit goes to its official site

We are providing this information only for educational purpose, we highly recommend our visitors to go and download this app to its official site after reading this article.

FAQs About Hamraaz App

1. What is Hamraaz’s official website?


2. What is Hamraaz App? Want to Learn How to Open a Payslip?

Ans: Download the Hamraaz app or visit the official Hamraaz website at

3. Describe Hamraaz Web.

Ans: Experts in the Indian Army developed a platform called Hamraaz Web.
Indian Army forces can only use it.

4. How to Change the Payslip Password for Hamraaz?

Ans: Visit the Hamraaz website and select “Forgot Password” to reset your Hamraaz Payslip password. After that, reset your password by entering the PAN card number.

5. Is there a Hamraaz app?

Ans: You can download the Hamraaz App from MSeva’s website.

6. Is the iPhone app for Hamraaz available?

Ans: No, only Android users can utilise the Hamraaz app. It isn’t compatible with Windows, iOS, or any other operating system.

7. Is the Hamraaz app secure?

Ans: The Hamraaz app is safe because the Indian Army managed to make it.

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