How to Convert Vigorus to Philippine Peso (VIS to PHP) In Easiest Way?

Suppose you’re looking for a trustworthy platform to convert VIS to PHP. In that case, plenty lets you exchange money for an unlimited number of 330+ crypto coins and doesn’t require a registration or verification process.

Vigorus (VIS): What Is It?

The ERC-20 utility token for Pegaxy, an NFT-based play-to-buy horse racing game with futuristic aesthetics, is called Vigorus (VIS). It gets its name from the Pega (the ponies), relatives of the mighty Pegasus, and is based on the Polygon chain. It is a compilation of 5,000 NFTs made available in October 2021 during the PGX IDO. They can quickly race their Pega to earn VIS in player versus player. Instead of VIS, the governance token PGX can be used to set and purchase things in the market. Check some websites’ real-time conversion of PHP, VIS, and other fiat currencies.

Nicknames None
ISO 4217 code PHP
Central bank Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Currency subunits Sentimo = 1/100
Denominations Banknotes: ₱20, ₱50, ₱100, ₱200, ₱500, ₱1,000
Countries using this currency Philippines
Currencies pegged to PHP None
PHP is pegged to None

Describe Pegaxy.

The online racing game Pegaxy combines futuristic and fantastical aspects. Players can compete in player-against-player (PVP) format races in the Pegasus Galaxy to win prizes in VIS, the platform’s native utility token. Players can rent, race, and produce Pega horses in Pegaxy, ancestors of the legendary Pegasus. The game has a distinctive ecology that lets users sign up for any race for free, which makes gaming extremely competitive. To place in the top 3 and receive VIS tokens as compensation, players face off against 14 other racers.

Players require a mix of knowledge, skill, and strategy to succeed in Pegaxy. Horse-related activities like racing, breeding, and rental demand commitment and time. But the rewards are great and make the work worthwhile. For gamers interested in horse racing games, Pegaxy offers a distinctive experience since it blends strategy, skill, and competitiveness to create an enjoyable and satisfying encounter. The game’s economic model is remarkable since it makes it accessible to a broad spectrum of players by allowing users to enter any race for free. It’s a fantastic choice for people wishing to earn cryptocurrencies while participating in a fun and exciting game because the incentives come in VIS tokens, the platform’s native utility token.

Why Use PHP?

The official currency of the Philippines is the Philippine peso (PHP), or “piso” in Filipino. It is divided into 100 centavos, or “sentimos” as they are known in Filipino. The Philippine peso looks like this.

Advantages of VIS to PHP Exchange

• There are several benefits to switching from VIS to PHP.

• There is no need to register for an account.

• Verification is not also required.

• Alternative care services

• Customer support services available 24/7

How Can VIS Be Converted To PHP?


  • To convert VIS to PHP, open the exchange widget and follow these procedures.
  • Choose the currencies for the VIS to PHP conversion, then supply the whole amount in VIS for sale.
  • Once the transaction has been completed, mention the information to receive the cryptocurrency.
  • VIS deposit.
  • Use a debit or credit card to complete the transaction.
  • Get your wallet the converted cryptocurrency.
0.01 VIS 0.00007590 PHP
0.1 VIS 0.00075896 PHP
1 VIS 0.00758959 PHP
2 VIS 0.01517918 PHP
5 VIS 0.03794795 PHP
10 VIS 0.075896 PHP
20 VIS 0.151792 PHP
50 VIS 0.379480 PHP
100 VIS 0.758959 PHP
1000 VIS 7.59 PHP

VIS TO PHP Converter

0.01 PHP 1.32 VIS
0.1 PHP 13.18 VIS
1 PHP 131.76 VIS
2 PHP 263.52 VIS
5 PHP 658.80 VIS
10 PHP 1317.59 VIS
20 PHP 2635.19 VIS
50 PHP 6587.97 VIS
100 PHP 13175.94 VIS
1000 PHP 131759 VIS

Hazards and Things to Consider

Some dangers could result from converting Vigorus to PHP. Potential financial losses may result from the volatility of Vigorus and the cryptocurrency market in general. In addition, there is a chance of fraud, scams, and hackers. It’s crucial to safeguard your private keys and do your homework on the platform before utilizing it to reduce these hazards.


Finally, Vigorus is a well-liked utility token in the Pegaxy online horse racing game. It may be converted to PHP using a variety of websites and marketplaces. Before making any financial decisions, it is crucial to research and stay current on any advancements in the Vigorus industry. Therefore, it’s critical to be alert to hazards and to safeguard oneself from potential losses.

Questions and Answers

Q. Where can I purchase and sell VIS?

You can use any user-friendly quick exchanges to shift VIS to PHP.

Q. How do I sell VIS pull-out cash on a MasterCard or Visa?

Use the methods described earlier to sell or buy fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

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